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With proven success behind our efforts in the Federal space, the winning proposal development team at Federal Proposal Services understands how to place your Logistics & Management Consulting Services expertise in the correct light. Whether you offer consulting to define and improve organizational performance, provide supplemental staffing for project implementation and rollouts, or offer any other logistics-based service currently in demand, we can make sure your bid meets all of the solicitation requirements while setting you apart from the competition.

Our proposal management and support approach centers on a disciplined, collaborative process tailored to produce well-written, well-supported volumes. Our proposal managers, volume leads, and writers have been on government source selection teams and understand the unique workings of the source selection process. Using this expertise, we help you craft winning strategies and develop proposal documents that set your team apart from the competition.

Our proposal managers are also subject matter experts…leading your proposal team through strategy, development, and delivery of a competitive, compliant proposal.

Our proposal managers apply our proven proposal processes and milestones—but can flex to manage within your established business development procedures. As subject matter experts, we take input and data provided by your technical experts, coupled with our domain knowledge and extensive proposal experience, to produce readable, directed text with solid, identifiable themes and clear, strong discriminators.

Federal Proposal Services has extensive experience in successful proposal writing services and management consulting towards various agencies for logistics and consulting needs. We can use this experience to prepare winning proposal writings for logistics and consulting for your business. Our technical proposal writers and specialists have the required expertise and commitment to ensure 100% proposal quality and competitiveness. Our proposal writers integrate with your proposal team to provide clear, compliant, persuasive, strength-based proposal writing for a proposal section or an entire volume.