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Our professionals use their experience in business development, proposal writing, and process management to not only help clients create winning proposals but determine the best ways to focus their existing resources and find the bids with the highest potential for success allowing them to put their energies toward the most alluring targets rather than rely on a scattershot approach. Our professional staff has extensive experience in proposal writing for small businesses in architecture and engineering to help them successfully meet all the requirements and win local government contracts and bids. Contact us now to assist you through the process of proposal writing for small businesses in architecture and engineering to successfully pursue federal and local government contracts and bids.

Federal Proposal Services-led color review teams employ the government process, with experienced reviewers and decision-makers. Our consultants are former senior-level government acquisition executives who have led and participated in numerous source selections and industry proposals. They are experts in program management, engineering, contracting, financial management, production, and support—and many have operational experience.

We believe balanced review team membership is the best approach—a combination of internal client experts and external consultants. Together, our review teams tackle critical questions from program and proposal strategy to pricing on all types of reviews, including Black Hats, Pink Teams, Red Teams, Green Teams, Gold Teams, and White Glove Reviews.

Our proposal managers apply our proven proposal processes and milestones—but can flex to manage within your established business development procedures. As subject matter experts, we take input and data provided by your technical experts, coupled with our domain knowledge and extensive proposal experience, to produce readable, directed text with solid, identifiable themes and clear, strong discriminators.

Our subject matter experts and proposal writers will work with your team to design a compliant proposal structure. We carefully review all the requirements in the solicitation and the government’s needs. We then assess your capabilities to ensure we map proposal responses to emphasize your company’s strengths and ability to meet the requirements. Our proposal writers integrate with your proposal team to provide clear, compliant, persuasive, strength-based proposal writing for a proposal section or an entire volume.