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Our On-Demand Proposal Service USA is tailored for companies that need assistance with multiple simultaneous proposals and that need a guaranteed level and number of hours for dedicated proposal support at a lower cost. This line of solutions empowers companies looking to have our industry-leading experts elevate their level of efficiency and effectiveness throughout all steps of the proposal process while maintaining team continuity. Our clients can select from 40, 60, 80, 100 hours, and much more. Some of the services we offer include:

Solicitation Review/Analysis: We will handle scheduling and leading calls to collect data from your business and your proposed subcontractors. No headache for you, and a more likely win from your proposal

Proposal/RFP Writing: When you decide on hiring proposal writing services or approaching how to write a proposal for government contracts, having an external government proposal writer that truly understands both the regulations and the nuances of the agency’s source selection process can effectively expand your technical strength than having an internal person do it.
Federal Proposal Services consists of a professional group of experienced proposal writers that employ the highest skills and capabilities to provide customized professional government proposal writing services for our clients. Each proposal is authentic, exceptionally designed to meet the needs of a company or a client we serve. We do not commit to multiple clients for the same solicitation. When we bid, we are exclusive and do our best to capture the attention of proposal evaluators. Our technical proposal writers and consultants have the required expertise and commitment to ensure 100% proposal quality and competitiveness

Proposal Editing/Formatting: Inconsistencies in style and tone can make your proposal seem disorganized when volumes are assembled from multiple section authors. If your narrative looks like a patchwork quilt, the government may think the lack of discipline is something they can expect during the project and work products you will provide. Key win themes in your solution may get lost or not presented in a way that resonates with the customer. Reviewers may overlook something great because it was confusing to read, or it was written in passive voice. Federal Proposal Services offers proposal editing services. Our mantra, “clear, compelling, and compliant,” guides each project from planning to production. We help improve the overall quality of documents with smooth-flowing text, clear graphics, and requirement-driven outlines.

Workflows/Complex Diagrams: Design to win is more than a slogan, it’s our primary mission. We’re committed to creating the best proposal, presentation, marketing, and educational graphics in the industry. Win more business and improve communication with the highest quality “bid-winning” proposal graphics, visual presentations, covers, layouts, and more! Our designers take your existing materials and work with you to improve all aspects of messaging and design.

Desktop Publishing: From dynamic page layouts to reaching page count, our desktop specialists make your documents sing. We know the tips and tricks to quickly update your document and get it ready for reviews and submittal.
Solicitation Compliance: Our proposal writing experts will work with your business development specialists to create a winning strategy, develop winning themes, and compelling proposal messages that will focus your customer’s attention on your capabilities. Our government contract proposal writers are skilled at building out proposal templates, taking information directly from instructions, FAR clauses, and ancillary bid documents. This ensures that our proposals cover every data point a solicitation requires.

Proposal Support: Our writers can prepare any type of section for a proposal or grant, including executive summary, technical, management, transition, past performance, resumes, quality assurance, risk management, staffing, and price narrative. We also provide technical writers who support writing and editing of reports, manuals, plans, contract deliverables, and internal communications.