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Federal Proposal Services specializes in both local and national foundation grants as well as city, state, and federal government grants. We’ve successfully secured large, multimillion-dollar federal grants with complex application processes, as well as more streamlined, straightforward foundation grants — and everything in between. We help our clients obtain millions of dollars in grant funding each year. We do this by finding appropriate grants, crafting compelling applications, and identifying ways to scale effective programs.

Services include analyzing our clients’ priority projects and identifying appropriate grant opportunities for which they can compete; providing strategic advice and consulting services to shape a priority project per the federal priorities articulated for a particular grant program; working with our clients to build and leverage relationships within Federal agencies that can yield valuable information that may provide a competitive advantage; reviewing draft grant proposals and offering insight; and partnering with clients to prepare and submit competitive grant applications. We have secured nearly $1 billion in federal funding and grants. Our services include:

Grant Writing: We write compelling letters of intent and grant applications. Let us write the entire request, including budgets, or let us work on certain sections, like improving your narrative.

Report Writing: Need reports for a grant you’ve received or one we’ve written together? Give us a shout.

Grants Research: Finding potential funders and reviewing requests for proposals takes time. Lots of time. We’ll do the grunt work and find warm leads that are just right for your organization

Draft Review: You’ve written the grant but you’re not sure it’s good enough. We’ll use our editorial expertise to polish your proposal.

Our Federal Grant Writers can help you with:

1. Research Funding Opportunities

  • Private Foundation Grants
  • Corporate Foundation Grants
  • Government Grants & Deferred Loans

2.  Advise Clients on Sources

  • Suggest sources most likely for success
  • Procure necessary forms

3. Collect Necessary Data for Grant

  • Work with clients to determine data needs
  • Develop rationale & need for grant
  • Gather support data for rationale

4. Assist with Developing a Funding Package

  • Research options for matching funds

5.  Write and Submit Grant Application

  • Complete required forms
  • Develop required proposal
  • Collect support material for the application

6.  Follow-Up Reports

  • Many funding sources request reports on project progress and financial status

7. Grant & Other Project Administration

We are well-versed in every stage of the grant writing process from identifying a potential grant, to curating required attachments, writing narratives and needs assessments, to final edits before submission. No matter where in this process your organization is, we are here to help and work with you through the process. Grant writing is a collaborative process, and we will guide you through the specifics of letters of support, work plan development, budget creation, and more to ensure no detail is overlooked.

Contact Federal Proposal Services to work with Business and Proposal specialists who are experienced in responding to grants and can guide you to produce a compliant and competitive grant proposal.  We can help you from writing your Expression of Interest (EOI) to the grant itself.