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Federal Proposal Services provides an enterprise, shared service to produce winning proposals. It provides best-in-class proposal managers, writers, and proposal coordinators for high-priority, high-dollar-value proposal opportunities. Federal Proposal Services supports capture and proposal efforts for all our clients and is also responsible for the management and maintenance of a variety of tools and data repositories. The organization also documents and implements policies and training programs.

Federal Proposal Services offers capture and proposal services to firms and organizations seeking to win contracts with the US Federal Government. Services include capture and proposal management, BD systems and procedures, recruitment, and training. For companies who are new to government contracts, identifying the best opportunities for your business that are available at any given time is the first hurdle to overcome; and that’s where we come in. We will work with your team to review and research any current RFPs (Request for Proposals) open by the government to determine which opportunities are within your reach and align best with your company’s capabilities, interests, and future goals.

Our Capture Management service is purpose-built to help civilian, aerospace and defense, and other types of federal contractors address the complex requirements of doing business with the government by transforming their BD and capture processes. With Capture Management, your organization can centrally track every opportunity.  Excellently structured proposal management ensures that your organization responds to the buyer’s Request for Proposals (RFP) confidently. Therefore, by careful planning and integrating the right strategies, you can develop the best proposal that satisfies every tenet of the requirements and needs of the buyer. We will sharpen your focus on agencies and opportunities that align with your strategic objectives. Then, we’ll implement a methodical approach to qualifying newly released solicitations. Our process will help you identify better opportunities more quickly.

Our Capture Managers gather and analyze key insights and information about the client and the problems they are trying to solve, as well as information directly related to the procurement. We develop the winning strategy and identify resources needed to increase the win probability. This includes advisory work around winning more work on frameworks with clients. We lead critical capture activities including call planning, competitive analysis, stakeholder analysis, solution development, staffing analysis, teaming, and engaging our price-to-win team as appropriate. We can reduce your costs by finding and leveraging efficiencies during strategic pursuits. Together, we can prepare your company to write proposals that are customer-focused, compliant, and persuasive—and result in long-term business development success.

Once your company has made the crucial first step in deciding to pursue a government contract, that’s when the hard work begins. Federal Proposal Services has deep knowledge and experience in federal proposal writing and understands what it takes to greatly increase your odds of success. Our specialists stand ready to develop and produce bid proposals that not only meet all government compliance standards, but are also compelling, well-written, and professionally designed.

Our capture specialists assist your team in developing and executing capture plans that focus on:

  • Forming a winning capture team
  • Understanding customer requirements and objectives before RFP release
  • Developing your winning solution
  • Conducting independent competitive assessments to identify competitors and their strengths, weaknesses, past performance, and relevant experience
  • Developing compelling win strategies that differentiate your offer from other competitors and provide justification for selecting your company
  • Establishing teaming strategies that strengthen your technical and management solution, reinforce past performance credentials, and fulfill small and small disadvantaged business subcontracting requirements
  • Determining performance risk and risk-mitigation strategies from your company’s and the customer’s points of view

We have four capture plans from which our customers can select and can be and can be tailored to the requirements of every client.

Capture Plan Lite: Opportunity Sourcing from the Federal Government. We search and retrieve opportunities from daily. We then send sourcing reports with a list of opportunities selected based on the client’s requirements.  Our federal capture management process is a disciplined approach to qualify business opportunities and develop a winning strategy to improve your probability of winning a strategic opportunity. The price for this plan is: $1800 / month.

Capture Plan Plus: Qualification. We provide experienced capture managers who help our clients analyze solicitations and compare the solicitation requirements with the client’s qualifications. We design win strategies based on customer requirements and motivators The price ranges from $700-$2000 per solicitation.

Capture Plan Premium: Full Capture Management. Capture Plan Premium includes all or some of our Full Capture Management services such as Government Contracts Intelligence, Opportunity Qualification, Capture Plan Development, Customer Requirements/Objectives Understanding, Preliminary Solution Development based on Objectives, Federal Customer Positioning, Black Hat Review, Competitor Analysis, Decision Gate and Bid-No Bid Assessment, Win-Strategy Development, Price-to-Win, Partnering Strategy and Implementation as well as Risk Assessment. We work with our clients from day one, from strategy and capture plan development, all the way to positioning with the customer and into the final proposal development phase. Using a combination of proven techniques as well as leading-edge technologies, coupled with the proactive participation of our experienced capture managers, we have been able to guide clients towards success time after time in each capture pursuit. Effective capture management leads to the development and execution of action plans, including customer call plans, customer meetings, and other activities that advance the opportunity. Contact us for pricing purposes.

Capture Plan Select: Capture Plan Select enables the customer to select the specific support they need. Contact us for pricing purposes.

During the capture phase, we help you with:
  • Opportunity Identification
  • Customer contact
  • Capture plan and win strategy
  • Data calls
  • Pursuit decision
During the pre-RFP phase, we help you with:
  • Preliminary bid decision
  • Proposal Management Plan
  • Proposal security
  • Plan writing, including section strategy templates, annotated outline, and additional data calls
During the final RFP phase, we help you with:
  • Analyze RFP and Revise Proposal Plan
  • Bid decision
  • Proposal Kickoff
  • Submit questions
  • Write Proposal
  • Produce and deliver the proposal
During post submittal phase, we help you with:
  • Responding to questions, weaknesses, deficiencies
  • Submit final proposal revision (FPR)
  • Debrief
  • Lessons Learned
  • Celebrate
The role of the Federal Capture Manager includes:
  • Assembles capture and response teams for target contracts, securing buy-in from all necessary stakeholders and partnerships with key manufacturers and service partners.
  • Works closely with procurement officials to influence the final shape of target RFPs.
  • Develops and regularly updates formal capture plans, including but not limited to pricing strategy, partnering plan, and strategy to overcome identified obstacles, for target contracts.
  • Mentors and counsels account managers, field account executives, sales managers, and proposal writers through the contract capture process.
  • Formally transfers information and strategy to proposal writers for target contracts upon RFP release.
  • Participates as a subject matter expert in conjunction with sales leaders throughout the proposal process.
  • Tracks RFP progress toward the drop date and immediately mobilizes response team upon RFP release.
  • Assists Program Management team with contract launch and sales team education for target contracts.
  • Coordinates with appropriate resources to execute necessary legal and financial agreements, such as NDA’s, Teaming Agreements, and Lockbox Agreements, before RFP release.
  • Drives incremental revenue and profit growth through contract wins and strategic sales initiatives.
  • Aligns with state and local sales teams to generate quarterly and annual strategic objectives.
  • Identifies trends in customer purchasing patterns and enacts specific plans to help sales teams capture a greater share of the business.
  • Creates tools, leveraging segment purchasing trend information to assist the sales teams in closing sales.
  • Responds to key RFI’s, market research requests, and other pre-RFP customer requests.
  • Creates and maintains a contract pipeline master tracking mechanism.
  • Assists in creating and checking compliance matrices for target contracts.
  • Presents progress on and results of capture efforts to Sales Leaders on a monthly & quarterly basis.
  • Secures/prepares certain proposal elements, such as past performance write-ups, in anticipation of RFP requirements.
  • Schedules/ prepares materials for all meetings (internally and externally).