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We conduct capture assessments of your capture plan and execution to identify areas where immediate action can substantially improve your probability of a win. We objectively review your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT).

To map your capabilities to government needs you need a government market assessment. Whether your target audience is a specific government agency or agencies with similar needs, a government marketing assessment complements the business assessment by laying the foundation for a business development/capture plan and marketing plan. This is where you develop an understanding of what your government customers want and why, as well as how your company measures up against the competition. We can guide you in this critical market analysis, including how to obtain good intelligence on competitors, the value of similar contracts, and developing a strategy to drive up your P-Win. Our exceptional experienced market research analysts will help you identify the pros and cons of entering a new or existing market.

Our capture managers know how to build win strategies that raise the level of your competitiveness in the government market. Let us join your management team and put your team on the winning path. We help improve your overall capture management performance by:

  • Reviewing capture artifacts and the capture plan
  • Gathering team knowledge about the customer through targeted interviews
  • Assessing capture progress and identifying successes and areas for improvement
  • Producing a capture scorecard with specific recommendations for improvement
  • Briefing your team to present findings and discuss what actions will improve the probability of a win between now and the RFP release